We have come closer our dream of expanding and can now announce that we have relocated to a bigger property. The new location for the center is right next to beautiful Lake Harney. It is a 38,9 acres big property which makes it possible to give our horses lots of room to move around. We have got some fencing done and started organizing our barn so far. We still need to bring in more dirt, build holding pens, set up a proper round pen, make a good washing area for the horses, set up tying posts, do more clearing, extend a roof, build shelters for the horses in the pens etc.

The dream for the property is to get rid of all the underbrush so we can see all the way down to the lake, grow grass for our horses so they have the ultimate environment for rehabilitation.

Make an appointment and come and see us! The property is within a gated community, so please let us know when you’re coming so that we can let you in.

Address: 1200 Lake Harney Woods Blvd
32754 Mims, Florida




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