Order a painting made by one of the horses at Wild Horse Rescue Center!


Horse Painting 4

Our horses love to make paintings. We put children’s finger paint on a canvas and then cover it in goodies such as carrots and apples. The horse then eats the tasty treat laid out for him or her and what is left is your beautiful, personalized painting. The horse gets a tasty treat and you get a beautiful painting! A painting made by one of our Mustangs is very special. These horses are extremely intuitive, intelligent and soulful beings – which we believe all comes out in the paintings. A painting made by one of our horses makes the perfect, thoughtful gift for any occasion or a special addition to your home art collection.

Order Your Painting

To order a personalized painting by one of our horses, please make a $100 donation above and contact us stating:  

  • What 3, 4 or 5 different colors your want the painting to be
  • Which horse you would like to have it done by
  • Your address and telephone number
  • If this is a gift to someone and if so, the person’s name, occasion and anything else you would like to have written in the bottom left corner of the painting.

Your $100 donation will cover the materials and shipping for the painting and also help us in our efforts to rescue and care for mustangs in need. As a nonprofit organization, WHRC is completely dependent on donations such as these. All donations to WHRC are fully tax deductible.

Horse Painting 1
Horse Painting 2
Horse Painting 3