There has been a lot of movement at WHRC this past month. We have re-homed quite a few of our Mustangs.

  • Bandit and 2 of the Cracker horses have been adopted by Gena from Heaven Help Us in Punta Gorda.
  • Lady Antabella was adopted by Kathy, one of Gena’s volunteers.
  • Mr Bob, one of our volunteers, has adopted Annie and sponsored Ford.
  • Rusty has been adopted by Tenny and is now in New Smyrna, FL.
  • Ellie is being sponsored by our wonderful volunteer Kelli.
  • Roxy had been adopted by Travis. There will be a seperate post explaining this wonderful adoption.
  • Kayotte, Halona, Sundance, and Remy have started an exciting journey with the Arabian Nights in FL. Seperate post to follow.

Zen and Zippy are being considered for adoption.

Confetti is going to Chessie for training along with Ellie.

And we just received a new Mustang into WHRC. Her name is America and she is approximately 20 years old.

Stay tuned for more updates on our recent adoptions!