Wild Horse Rescue Center have a International Volunteer Program! We are connected with several travel organizations and get volunteers from all over the world. The program is very popular and we can take 12 people at a time. The volunteers stays from 1 week and longer. We always have at least one volunteer coordinator at site to help organize and coordinate the volunteers daily work.

Volunteers live on the property and help out with the daily care of the animals. The volunteers learn and get to see WHRC’s way of rehabilitate and/or tame mustangs. Volunteers play an important part of WHRC’s work. We are changing the horses lives and as we go, they’re changing ours. Working fair and with respect is really important and the longer volunteers are able to stay, the greater the learning experience will be!


Our schedules changes over time depending on time of year. Our daily routine starts at 8:30am with morning chores  (cleaning pens, haying and feeding all the animals). At 12pm we break for lunch. Lunchbreak can be betweeb 4h and 2h, depending on the season. In the afternoons, activities such as working with horses, improving the property or go for a trail ride may be on the schedule. We also take the volunteers out to see Florida, we go to the beach, go line dancing and arrange air boat ride.

Weekly Volunteer Program

As a volunteer with us you will get real hands on experience with our mustangs – both wild and tame! Our volunteers help with every day barn maintenance, horse care and exercise, capital improvements, and helping to socialize wild horses. You will see professional horse trainers in action and immerse yourself in our rescue work. We go for lots of trail rides and you will get to see the fantastic Florida landscape by horseback. We also take our volunteers to the beach, to the local wildlife rescue center, and kayaking.

The $600.00 weekly donation per person covers your airport pickup & drop off, 3 meals a day, your accommodations and facilities, as well as most transport while on the project. We ask that you commit to a minimum of two weeks of volunteering; however we have volunteers come stay for several months as well. We have special donation amounts for stays longer than 5 weeks that we will provide on request.

We pick up and drop off week-long volunteers at Orlando International Airport or in Orlando City. Our pick up/drop off days are Mondays. So when you fly in, make sure you do so on a Monday. Volunteers are provided three meals a day, accommodations, and a once in a lifetime experience.

Overnight Volunteering Visit

As an overnight visitor at WHRC you get the chance to get more acquainted with the horses and the other animals at the center than if you just come over for a day. You will spend an entire day and evening with WHRC, as well as wake up and have breakfast with us before you leave. We have comfortable accommodations and we can guarantee that it will be the best part of your vacation!

The $150 donation per person covers lunch, dinner and breakfast, your accommodations as well as any riding you wish to do. Transportation to and from the center is not provided.

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sun screen
  • Wear comfortable clothes. If you plan to participate in the trail ride, we recommend you wear long sleeves and full length pants. No flip flops allowed for your safety!
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Don’t forget your camera!

For more information about our International Volunteer Program, or if you want to sign up, contact our booking team at visits@wildhorserescuecenter.org.