Wild Horse Rescue Center got a International Volunteer Program! We are connected with several travel organizations and get volunteers from all over the world. The program is popular and we can take 14 people at a time. The volunteers stays from 1 week and longer. We always have at least one volunteer coordinator at site to help organize.

You live on the property and help out with the daily care of the animals. As you stay, you’ll learn and see our way of rehabilitate and/or tame the mustangs. It’s an important part of our job here. We’re changing the horses lives and as we go, they’re changing ours. Working fair and with respect is really important and the longer you’re here the more you get to learn and you will get more responsibilities.

Our schedules changes over time depending on time of year. Right now in the summer time (because of the heat) we try to do horse works in mornings and evenings. So our days start at 7.30am with horse work. At 9.30am we start morning chores (cleaning pens, haying and feeding all the animals). We have lunch break between 12-4pm in summertime and 12-2pm in cooler times. In the afternoons, we go for rides, work on the property or work with the horses. We also take the volunteers out to see Florida. We go to the beach, go line dancing and arrange boat ride (air boat or pontine).