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McIntosh Equine Horsemanship Clinic

November 18, 2017 @ 9:00 am - November 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

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Welcome to

McIntosh Equine Horsemanship Clinic

In Cooperation with

Wild Horse Rescue Center



Taylor McIntosh is an AQHA Professional Horseman.  He has dedicated his life to helping others become confident in their horsemanship.  He has spent time learning from the best of the best, Al Dunning, JD Yates, Craig Cameron, and Bill Black, to name a few.  Taylor is a Clinician, Trainer, Competitor, and lifelong student of the horse.  He specializes in Colt Starting, Competitive Trail Horses, and Rope Horses.  In 2014 Taylor put his training program to the ultimate test by applying it to a young, untouched, American Mustang, that he named Owen.  Taylor and Owen built a true partnership and when the dust settled they were crowned Champion of the Extreme Mustang Makeover.  Owen travels with Taylor, giving clinics, demonstrations, and private lessons.  Taylor’s dedication to horsemanship is evident in his use of the Hackamore.  He has coined the phrase, “Get out of their mouth and into their mind”. To learn more about Taylor, visit his webiste at mcintoshequine.com

The Clinic will be a 2-Day Horsemanship Clinic.  We will start with groundwork both days and progress into riding.  This Clinic is suitable for beginners as well as advanced Horsemen.  We will start at 9 am, break for lunch from 12-1, then resume teaching 1-5 pm.  The Clinic will be about building a relationship with your horse.  It is about becoming a horseman.  Taylor will teach you how to stay out of your horse’s way, how to get your horse “thinking”, and how to build confidence together.  We will go over problems created by people and how to solve them.
Some of the things covered in the clinic include:
Ground Work
  • Sending left and right
  • Developing Hind Quarters Left and Right (Timing)
  • Developing Shoulder Left and Right
  • Flexing Left and Right
  • Following Soft Feel Left and Right
  • Backing with a soft feel
  • Rider Pick Up (off the fence)
  • Backing Circle with a soft feel (Timing)
  • Desensitizing to tools, tarps, and people
 Saddle Work
  • Standing to mount/ Rider pick up
  • Flexing in the saddle
  • Developing Hip
  • Developing Shoulder
  • Developing “Go” Walk/Trot/Lope with less cues
  • Developing “Stop” with light cues
  • Shaping for circles (Hip in, shoulder out)
  • Moving Ribcage In/Out
  • Controlling the Feet
  • Developing the “Think” in your horse
  • Serpentines/ Half Circles
  • Confidence Between Horse and Rider
  • Using all skills learned to compete in an obstacle challenge

For each rider we ask a $300 donation. There will be between 8-15 horses and riders. There is space for unlimited amount of auditors. Auditors pay a $25 donation per day, or $40 for the whole weekend. To join the clinic and get more information, contact Diane Delano at diane@wildhorserescuecenter.org.



November 18, 2017 @ 9:00 am
November 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm